Motivating Memes is a blog to motivate, uplift and inspire.

Our greatest motivation is to give our visitors and ourselves a sense of purpose and meaning, because we’ve discovered that this is the biggest motivating factor above and beyond incentives or material rewards. We like to share motivational quotes, images, movies, articles, stories, humor, and more from the heart for entertaining and enlightening purposes.  We don’t claim to know anything or be better than anyone else.  We’re simply sharing insights and ideas we find interesting in the hopes that you may enjoy them.  What you do with them is up to you.  We ask that you stay open. If the content feels good to you then go with it, and feel free to share it. Otherwise, don’t spoil the fun for everyone else.  We would like to maintain a healthy positive environment for people to learn and grow, so please keep your negativity to yourself unless it’s truly constructive and adds something to the conversation. We also hope you do not choose to take offense to any of the content on this site, because sometimes we share memes with a humorous, sarcastic, or satirical tone to lighten the mood with laughter which aren’t meant to be taken seriously or personally.  The views and opinions expressed herein are for entertainment purposes only do not necessarily reflect the views of the Blog owner.

If we’ve shared your content it’s because you’re awesome like that.  If you find something on here that you believe infringes on your copyright, and you would really like it removed, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  If you have suggestions of content to add or would like to become a contributor for this blog then we’re also interested in connecting.

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