Affirmations for Insecurity

It’s easy to get caught up in irrational F.E.A.R (false evidence appearing real).  These affirmations are designed to help us release the subconscious programming that makes up these “what if?” worst case scenarios so that we don’t let our minds get in the way of our own happiness.

TODAY is the BEST day ever!

Today truly is the best day ever, because it’s the only day we get to experience in the now. Everything else is just a memory or a fantasy.  Why not start each day affirming it to get in the proper attitude?  You just might find that you intention to have the best day ever actually improves the quality of your day overall.

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21 Affirmations to Increase Motivation

We could all use a little extra motivation sometimes.  I don’t like it when the alarm goes off in the morning, the sun isn’t even up, the house is cold, and I just really don’t want to go to work.  I just have to remember that I’m not alone.

These affirmations are designed to give you the strength to get out of bed when you really don’t want to.  They work by instilling positive thoughts that lead to the self-discovery of your own core purpose, because dangling the carrot doesn’t always do the trick.


  1. My motivating thoughts are causing me to take action.
  2. I am becoming more interested in everything around me.
  3. Motivation comes naturally to me.
  4. I enjoy being strengthened by those who challenge me.
  5. My core purpose is becoming stronger.
  6. I feel inspired by all that I encounter.
  7. I enjoy creating beauty in the world.
  8. I choose to live up to my highest potential.
  9. With each and every breath, I am becoming more motivated.
  10. I’m fueled by my feelings of success.
  11. The more I focus on being my best, the more opportunities I have.
  12. I am continually seeking out new ways to be of service.
  13. Today, I give thanks for my strong will.
  14. I am determined to find blessings.
  15. More now than ever, I am consciously motivating myself.
  16. I have a strong desire to work towards achieving my goals.
  17. In each moment, I am doing my very best.
  18. I go through life embodying qualities in others that inspire me.
  19. I’m consistently finding new causes to get passionate about.
  20. My involvement in the community makes a positive impact.
  21. I am discovering the hidden power of my beliefs.