11 Life Changing Affirmations

Our attitude has a direct affect on the results we get in life. Being in a healthy state emotionally can help us in finances, romance and health. These affirmations when spoken or thought with emotion can change the way we think and feel to a more positive attitude.

  1. I enjoy feeling my connection with all that is.
  2. I choose to embrace everything and everyone with unconditional love.
  3. I see myself in everybody.
  4. Every moment I notice the blessings.
  5. Each situation is important for my growth.
  6. I feel at ease overall.
  7. My results are going through the roof.
  8. I am focusing on being who I want to be.
  9. My life is getting better each day.
  10. I appreciate my results and successes.
  11. Now I am whole