How to Make Pumpkin Seed Milk

A healthy non-dairy milk is quite simple to make from a variety of nuts or seeds. I usually use almonds or pumpkin seeds. Here is the straight forward process I use to make some delicious and creamy pumpkin seed milk:

  1. Soak the seeds in water over night
  2. Drain the water the seeds were soaked in
  3. Blend the seeds with coconut water
  4. Strain milk with a cheese cloth or paint strainer by squeezing it through much like milking a cow… (You can get paint strainer bags that are perfect for this purpose at the hardware store for dirt cheap.)
  5. The pumpkin seed pulp that was strained out in step 4 can be mixed with oil, salt and spices to create a mouth watering pate´to dip chips or celery in.

I use the exact same process to make almond milk, and almond pate´is also very tasty. Enjoy!

Note: the coconut water gives it a natural sweetness, although if you use regular water you may want to add some dates or sweetener.