21 Affirmations to Increase Motivation

We could all use a little extra motivation sometimes.  I don’t like it when the alarm goes off in the morning, the sun isn’t even up, the house is cold, and I just really don’t want to go to work.  I just have to remember that I’m not alone.

These affirmations are designed to give you the strength to get out of bed when you really don’t want to.  They work by instilling positive thoughts that lead to the self-discovery of your own core purpose, because dangling the carrot doesn’t always do the trick.


  1. My motivating thoughts are causing me to take action.
  2. I am becoming more interested in everything around me.
  3. Motivation comes naturally to me.
  4. I enjoy being strengthened by those who challenge me.
  5. My core purpose is becoming stronger.
  6. I feel inspired by all that I encounter.
  7. I enjoy creating beauty in the world.
  8. I choose to live up to my highest potential.
  9. With each and every breath, I am becoming more motivated.
  10. I’m fueled by my feelings of success.
  11. The more I focus on being my best, the more opportunities I have.
  12. I am continually seeking out new ways to be of service.
  13. Today, I give thanks for my strong will.
  14. I am determined to find blessings.
  15. More now than ever, I am consciously motivating myself.
  16. I have a strong desire to work towards achieving my goals.
  17. In each moment, I am doing my very best.
  18. I go through life embodying qualities in others that inspire me.
  19. I’m consistently finding new causes to get passionate about.
  20. My involvement in the community makes a positive impact.
  21. I am discovering the hidden power of my beliefs.


20 Affirmations for Living Healthfully

Here are 20 action packed affirmations for motivating yourself to make healthier choices.

You’ll find that if you use these affirmations regularly they can start to reprogram your subconscious mind, and you can change your behavior effortlessly without even thinking about it.  It’s a lot like brushing your teeth.  You could think about it, but you’ve done it so many times that you can just do it on autopilot.  That’s how affirmations, hypnosis, and visualization work to change our habits.

Say the affirmations out loud if you can with feeling.  What you are saying may not seem true to you, but over time you may start to notice your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions transform.


  1. With each and every breath I am becoming healthier.
  2. I am making healthy choices.
  3. I choose to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  4. I enjoy finding new ways of improving my health.
  5. Nutritious foods are delicious.
  6. I love drinking water.
  7. I live in a state of gratitude and wellness.
  8. I am nurturing my mind, heart, body, and spirit.
  9. I take my time and breathe deeply.
  10. Moving and stretching my body feels wonderful.
  11. I’m getting inspired to eat food medicinally.
  12. I give thanks for my life.
  13. I’m grateful to be healthy.
  14. I enjoy nourishing myself.
  15. I am feeling motivated to get healthy.
  16. I put good in, and I get good out.
  17. I am full of vital energy.
  18. Making juice and smoothies is exciting.
  19. Eating well keeps me buzzing with motivation.
  20. I’m sexy, and I know it.


20 Love Affirmations for Heart Expansion

Whether you’re looking for a romantic partner, enhancing a current relationship, or working on loving yourself, affirmations can have a powerful impact in changing the way you think and feel.  These 20 love affirmations are designed to be positive, in the now, and also contain action words which can motivate you to love and be loved from the subconscious level.  If you feel more resistance saying certain affirmations then that may mean that you have a mental block keeping you from experiencing love.  Repeat these 20 love affirmations whenever you’re feeling like you would like to increase love in your life.


  1. It’s easy for me to love.
  2. I love and appreciate myself.
  3. I embody the love which attracts my heart’s desire.
  4. I effortlessly give and receive love.
  5. My confidence levels are elevated by my self love.
  6. I am connecting to the infinite supply of love.
  7. Being loving comes naturally to me.
  8. I know that I am loved, because I love myself.
  9. Every day I feel my oneness with universal love.
  10. All I see is love within and without.
  11. I choose to enjoy loving wholeheartedly.
  12. I lovingly embrace myself as I am.
  13. I choose to love and accept the world as it is.
  14. I am fulfilling my destiny by loving fully.
  15. I enjoy giving myself completely to loving service.
  16. Love comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  17. My inner love radiates out and attracts like energy.
  18. I enjoy being in a happy loving relationship.
  19. I feel a deep sacred bond with my partner.
  20. I am happily enjoying the presence of my twin flame.

20 Motivating Affirmations for Making Money

Affirmations can have an affect on our confidence levels, and plant motivating seeds in our subconscious to help us walk the path of success.  Thoughts, words, and feelings are very real and have energy.  If we are negative in our orientation then we can miss opportunities without even realizing it, but through the use of affirmations we can start to reprogram the mind to seize these once in a lifetime potential realities.  Here are 20 affirmations to open up vibrationally to receiving money.   Repeat them daily for the best results.

  1. I am receiving money now with ease and grace.
  2. I love actively and passively making money.
  3. Money is coming to me with little or no effort.
  4. I enjoy working and being paid well.
  5. Unexpected money is coming to me.
  6. Manifesting more money comes naturally.
  7. I am a powerfully charged money magnet.
  8. I’m feeling open to receiving abundance.
  9. I see the infinite supply of energy.
  10. I’m taking financially rewarding opportunities.
  11. I choose to enjoy accepting payment.
  12. I live each day appreciating value.
  13. I am excited to be making money.
  14. I notice new possible income sources.
  15. I have everything I need including money.
  16. The universe is conspiring to make me wealthy.
  17. I see myself living a life of financial security.
  18. My positive attitude is attracting money.
  19. Affirmations are motivating me to become rich.
  20. I live confidently knowing I am worthy of prosperity.


Affirmation: I Enjoy Motivating Myself

What makes this affirmation effective is that it has emotion in the word enjoy, and it also has an action word,’motivating,’ along with being in the present tense.  Use it to reprogram your subconscious to increase motivation.  Affirmations may feel like a lie at first, because we are so used to having negative self talk.  If you keep with it then you’ll find that you can overcome the blockages that keep you from achieving your goals.