Going Beyond Limiting Beliefs

Rubix Cube Scrambled

by Jacob Louis

In my experience working full-time as a web development technician, I often get assigned jobs that I simply don’t believe I can accomplish. It just seems too overwhelming and complex, but I don’t give up. I keep working at it with persistence even when I think there’s no way I can possibly complete the project. I get determined to solve the puzzle, and I won’t rest until I do.

Rubix Cube SolvedThat’s when something magic happens, and the impossible becomes possible. Eventually, I get the job done. Somehow, I find a way where I thought there was none. The pieces start to line up, and things start working the way I want them to.

It just goes to show that we’re able to accomplish much more than we give ourselves credit for. When we focus with an unwavering will to reach our goals, we can go beyond limiting beliefs and achieve great success.

“He is able who thinks he is able.”