GoldieBlox Creates Non-stereotypical Games for Girls

“At GoldieBlox, our goal is to get girls building. We’re here to help level the playing field in every sense of the phrase.”


A Stanford Engineer, Debbie Sterling, seems to have discovered a big part of the reason why there aren’t as many female engineers, programmers, etc.  Most of the toys designed for girls are pink and stereotypical.  Boys get to play with Legos, trains, and construction toys while girls are stuck with pink princess stuff and Barbies.

Debbie started designing toys to build more spatial awareness among other skills required in today’s workplace.  It seems her ideas break the mould of what society tells us it means to be a woman, and offers young women tools to build a new mental makeup, and become the engineers of the future.

“Broadening children’s interests doesn’t mean girls shouldn’t aspire to be feminine. GoldieBlox, which makes interactive games, uses a cute blonde as its logo. But her blonde isn’t a Barbie who sits around and waits for Ken. It’s a blonde who is building cool things.”

– Business Insider

GoldieBlox even made a video that’s gone viral which is a parody of the Beastie Boys’ song, Girls.

Watch the music video:

The Lyrics:

You think you know what we want, girls.
Pink and pretty it’s girls.
Just like the 50’s it’s girls.

You like to buy us pink toys
and everything else is for boys
and you can always get us dolls
and we’ll grow up like them… false.

It’s time to change.
We deserve to see a range.
‘Cause all our toys look just the same
and we would like to use our brains.

We are all more than princess maids.

Girls to build the spaceship,
Girls to code the new app,
Girls to grow up knowing
they can engineer that.

That’s all we really need is Girls.
To bring us up to speed it’s Girls.
Our opportunity is Girls.
Don’t underestimate Girls.