Beyond Winning the Game of Life

There are a whole list1st Place Gold Metal of reasons why human beings strive and compete to win the game of life.  Throughout history we’ve been conditioned by circumstance to believe that we need to struggle to survive.  We think that if we can accomplish ________ (Fill in the blank) that we will solve our problem, fill the emptiness, have more value, and feel a sense of purpose.

The universe has apparent duality in the physical realm which is important in it’s own way.  Everything is here for a reason, although it’s still impermanent.  Nothing in the material world will last forever.  Everything we experience with our limited senses arises and passes to and from the void as energy.  All that exists physically and beyond the physical makes up the oneness which many know to be God.

When we wake up to the truth of who we are (A physical manifestation of divine intelligence), there is no winning in this world. What we call winning is simply a boosting of our idea of self importance or inflated ego. A person’s class, job, education, talent, financial, and relationship statuses don’t make them any more or less important than anyone else.  When we let go of our attachment to the physical world and embrace the infinite, we have truly won.

Unless we discover a way to achieve eternal life in the physical body, everything that we “Own” will be left behind to reunite with the source energy from which everything emerges.  All things of the self will be of no importance if the body falls away and ascend as spiritual light bodies.  If we feel like we can really possess something or we need to prove anything in this lifetime, we’re missing the point.  Maybe this life is all we get, and there is no afterlife.  Who knows?

I don’t think that the point of life is to acquire more and more stuff that we don’t really need or to feel superior.  It is to evolve our consciousness, transcend the ego, go beyond materialism, and be a creative expression of who we are.  This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with our jobs, possessions,  friends, family, or even our physical bodies.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  The only thing real that is worth living for is realization.  Beyond the illusion of separation is the eternal self.


“By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try, the world is beyond the winning.”

-Lao Tzu